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A tool for working with reviews: responses using templates, tagging, translation, convenient filters and sorting.

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Detailed overview of the features and data in the Reviews & Responses tool

In the menu, select the Reviews section, the Reviews & Responses tool.

Select a country or multiple countries (for App Store) / language or multiple languages (for Google Play).

Select the period for which you want to see reviews. All data on the page will be displayed for the selected period.

  • In the center of the page, you will see a list of reviews in the selected country/language for the selected period;

  • On the left, you will find filters to make it easier for you to work with reviews;

  • On the right, you will see the number and ratings of reviews.

Review card

You will see a list of reviews with the following details:

  1. Review's author;

  2. Rating. Also, the vertical line to the left of the review corresponds to the rating of the review;

  3. Review. On the App Store, a review has a title;

  4. Date and country (language) of writing the review;\

  5. Reply to a review;

  6. Report a Concern (for App Store only);

  7. Tag it.

8. For reviews in Google Play, there is an ability to switch to the review on the Play Market by clicking on the icon.

If the review is Featured (displayed at the top on the application page on the App Store and Google Play), then you will see the Featured label:

If the review was deleted by the app store (App Store and Google Play periodically delete reviews), then you will see the Deleted label.

If the review was changed by a user, you will see the Updated label.

Report a Concern

The ability to report a review is only available in the App Store.

To report a concern click the Report a Concern button. For complaints via ASOMobile, you must connect your App Store Connect account.

Reply to a review

To respond to a review, click the Reply button. For responses via ASOMobile, you must connect your Google Play Console / App Store Connect account.

After you click the Reply button, you will have an input field for your response. You can enter your answer manually or use one of the templates created.

If you have not created a template yet, you can create one by clicking on the "Create a Template" button.

Click "Reply" to submit your review to Google Play / App Store.

After you answer, you can edit the answer or save it as a template.


The second way to create a template is to click on the "Response templates" button above the reviews. You will be taken to the template creation page. Click the "Create" button at the top right to create a template or a folder for templates.


Tags help you group reviews based on a specific principle. To tag a review, click the blue “+ Tag” button.

If you have not created any tags yet, then when you click "+ Tag" in the review, you will see a window for adding a tag. To add a tag, enter a tag name, select a tag color and click "+".

To create a new tag or edit or delete the current tags, click the Tags button above the reviews.

  1. By clicking the pencil - edit the tag;

  2. By clicking the "Bin" - remove the tag;

  3. Create a new tag, choose a color and click on the "+".

If you already have tags, then by clicking on the "+ Tag" button, you can tag an existing one.

Sort, search, group

Above the reviews are tools for easy sorting and searching.

You can sort reviews by length, rating.

To find reviews with a specific word, type it into the search:


To the left of the reviews there are filters that you can apply to reviews:

  1. Review rating. Select to display only reviews with a specific rating. You can select one or more ratings.

  2. Likes. You can select reviews that users liked or reviews without likes.

  3. Featured. Select the display of featured reviews to view reviews that are at the top on the app page on the App Store and Google Play.

  4. Reply. Select reviews with or without responses.

  5. Reviews with updates: got better, got worse, removed reviews, unchanged reviews.

  6. Tags

Review ratings

On the right, you will see a chart of the review ratings distribution for the selected period. Hover over a slice of the chart to see the number of reviews with a specific rating.

Extra tools

  • Download Xls file: the ability to get data in the form of an Excel table.

  • Copy to Clipboard: the ability to copy all search queries to the clipboard.

  • Review translation.

Reply to reviews to improve your communication with users 💙

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