Geo Checker

Find out which countries your competitors' apps are available in.

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How can Geo Checker be useful to you?

Geo Checker allows you to assess in which countries and regions your competitors' apps are available. You will learn which markets they are targeting, which can help identify both promising and saturated markets. This will assist you in choosing countries for the localization of language and content of your application.

Detailed overview of features and data in Geo Checker

Select the Market section from the menu - Geo Checker tool. Choose either your app or your competitor's app.

At the top of the page, you will see a map where the countries where the selected app is available are marked in blue. Hover over a part of the map to see the name of the country.

Below, you will see a table with a list of countries where the app is available, along with the date when the data about this app was last updated in ASOMobile. Click on the "Search Visibility" button to go to the ASO Dashboard tool and check the organic visibility of the app in the selected country.

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