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Find out the keywords of competitors and compare search positions with your application.

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How can Spy Keywords help you?

With Spy Competitors, you can very quickly find the keywords your competitors are indexing for, as well as visually compare the positions of your application with competitors. You will be able to find new keywords and also see where you are lagging behind your competitors.

Detailed overview of functions and data in Spy Keywords

In the menu, select the Competitors section, the ASO subsection, and select the Spy Keywords tool. Select your country and iPhone/iPad platform (for iOS applications).

You also need to add competitors.

Adding competitors

To add competitors, click on the "+Competitors" button.

You can find competitors by name, by link, or add suggested competitors.

If you have added competitors before, or when you added an application, you clicked the "Add competitors" checkbox, then you can see them in the drop-down list.

Select competitors to display in the table (you can display data for all competitors or only for some).

Add popular competitors to get the maximum amount of data

List of keywords

In the table you will see a list of keywords with the following values:

*Traffic is the number of users who enter this search query into the market search bar (per day). This is your potential traffic, provided that the application is in the top positions for this search query.

*Search Ads (App Store only) means the popularity of a search term in Apple Search Ads. Values ​​range from 5 (unpopular) to 100 (very popular).

*Competitors in Top 50 - an indicator of the frequency of using keywords in the TOP-50 among competitors that are added to your application. Sorting this way will help you find the most relevant search terms.

*Rank is the position of your application and selected competitors. Applications are displayed from left to right depending on the position in the search results (on the left are the positions that rank higher).

On the left, apps are highlighted in green (meaning they are ahead of your app), on the right those are in red (so you are ahead of them). The selected application is highlighted in green.

Side Toolbar:

Light Bulb: App store keyword suggestions. Click the plus next to a suggestion to add the keyword to the list.

Magnifying glass: Click on the "magnifying glass" to check the search query in the Keyword Check tool (analysis of any search query: SERPs, traffic indexes, competing apps).

Adding keywords to Keyword Monitor

To add keywords to Keyword Monitor, click on the "+" to the right of the keyword. In the Keyword Monitor you add keywords from all tools and form a semantic core.

You can add multiple keywords at once. To do this, tick them on the left and click on the plus, which will appear in the upper right corner. This is especially handy when you've filtered out the keywords you want.


You can filter the keywords by the selected metrics using the "Filter" button. Filters are applied online: just select the value you need to view the data.

You can also search for keywords by phrases or letters (search in the "Keywords" column).

To add filtered keywords to Keyword Monitor, select them and click on the blue plus on the right.

Additional convenient tools for quick work with the section:

  • TOP apps. To see the top apps in the search results for the desired keyword, click on the icon to the left of the keyword. In the window, you will see a list of applications in the search results in the selected country and you can easily add competitors by clicking on the "+".

  • Use sorting to get the data you need quickly.

  • To show only new keywords that have not yet been added to Keyword Monitor, enable the "Hide" switcher. This is useful for collecting the semantic core and testing new keywords that you have not worked with before.

  • Translator. Click the "Translate" switcher to translate the keywords (to your interface language in ASOMobile).

  • Download an xls file: the ability to get data in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Copy to clipboard: the ability to copy all (or selected) search queries to the clipboard.

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