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How can Featuring help you?

Featuring an app gets featured and appears on the first pages of the store (App Store, Google Play, etc) for free in one or several categories. It is the most effective way to get plenty of free targeted traffic and increase the number of page viewing and installations.

Detailed overview of features and data in the Featuring tool

The Featuring tool is located in the Market section.

Select a country or several countries, and a date. You can also select the app store location, and Featuring type (search by key phrase).

In the table you will see the following data (for the selected period):

  1. The country

  2. Featuring Location

  3. Type

  4. Average position - the average position of the selected application for the period of featuring

  5. Trend - the position of the featured application during the selected period

  6. Days featured

  7. Date - Featuring Period

To see the position of the featured application on the chart, click on the checkmark to the left of the country.

To download the data in the Xls file, click on the download icon in the upper right corner.

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