How can Suggest Checker help you?

With the Suggest Checker, you can check if the keywords are in the suggestions. This will help in choosing keywords for your application. The keywords that are in the suggestions can be more effective. Users on mobile prefer to click on relevant suggestions rather than entering keywords manually.

Detailed overview of features and data in the Suggest Checker section

Suggest Checker is located in the menu in the ASO section in the "Keyword Research" subsection. Select a country, for iOS applications - iPhone or iPad.

Keyword View Tab

Insert the keywords you want to check for in the suggestions (no more than 100 keywords and no more than 1000 characters). You can also import the list of keywords from Keyword Monitor by clicking the "Import from Keyword Monitor" button.

Next, click the "Check Suggestions" button.

You can see the keywords in the table on the right in this tab, or at any time in the "History View" tab.

In the table with keywords, you will see the following data:

*Suggestions - the presence and the keyword position in suggestions.

The earlier a keyword (letter, position) is found in the suggestions, the more effective it is.

*Traffic - the number of users who enter this search query into the market's search bar (per day). This is your potential traffic, provided that the application is in the top position for this search query.

*Difficulty - search query competition index. You will be able to assess how high the competition among applications for this search query is. This indicator will allow you to understand how many resources you will need to achieve success in working with this request. Difficulty scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is the least competitive request and 10 is the most competitive.

*Efficiency - index of efficiency for the search query. This index will help you choose the keys to work on which you can get the most traffic with the least competition among applications.

*Search Ads - the popularity of the search query in Apple Search Ads. Values ​​range from 5 (unpopular) to 100 (very popular).

*Rank - the current position of your application in the selected country for this keyword.

*Total applications - the number of applications in the search results for the keyword.

*+ - possibility to add a query to Keyword Monitor for tracking;

History View tab

The History View tab displays the keyword check history for the selected country. Select the desired list of keywords and click "View".

Additional tools for your convenience

Sorting. Use sorting to get the data you need quickly.

Download Xls file - the ability to get data in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.

By clicking the "Update" button you can update the keyword data

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