1. To add a new application, click on the "+ Application" button in the header.

2. Choose the country

3. Enter an app name or paste an app link that starts with “https://play.google.com/” or “https://apps.apple.com/”.

4. Select the desired application and click on it. Note that the application platform is marked on the right.

4. Tick the keywords you want to add to your application. You can change the selected country to get the desired list of keywords.

5. If necessary, insert the list of keywords manually (window on the right).

6. You can import keywords from the app you added earlier (which matches the selected country). You can find the application you need by searching. This is convenient to do if your semantic core is the same for your applications. To the right of the app name, you'll see how many keywords you'll add.

7. Click the "Add App" button.

After that, you will be taken to the Keyword Monitor tool, where you will see a list of the keywords that you selected at the stage of adding the application.

To the left of the "+Application" button, you see the application you are working with. Click on it to choose another app.

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