Multi-access is very useful functionality for teams in which several users need access to ASOMobile at once.

When connecting multi-access, all teammates will be able to work in the account simultaneously. The account owner (Admin) can give access to all applications or selected ones to other users.

To add a new user, click on the account (an icon in the upper right corner) and go to Teammates.

You can add as many users as available in your plan.

Adding a new teammate

To add a new user, click the "Add teammate" button.

Enter the email and password for the new user. Also, select the apps that the new user will have access to.

Using this email and password, the new user will be able to log into your account.

* If the email has already been signed up with ASOMobile before, then you will not be able to add it to users to your account. Contact support.

Team access to applications

Next to users' emails, you see the apps they have access to. You can edit permissions at any time.

If you want to edit access to the user's applications, click the pencil.

The user you added will be able to add any apps except those already in the admin account. If a user is trying to add an app that was already in the account before, then they need to request access from the administrator.

When adding a new app, only the user who added it and the administrator can see it.

Click the "Multi-access" checkbox when adding the application if you want the new app to be visible to all users of your team.

If you want to select a particular user, check the box next to it.

If you want all users of your team to have access to newly added apps by default, click the checkbox "Access to the whole team when adding a new application."

Deleting a user

If you want to delete a user, click the bin and confirm the deletion. Only the account owner can delete users and edit access.

Add new users for efficient work 💙

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