The integration with Google Play Console allows you to respond to app reviews directly from the ASOMobile interface.

The integration must be carried out by a person who has access to the Google Play Console account for the required applications.

Step-by-step instruction

1. In ASOMobile, go to the Reviews section → Integrations.

2. Click on the button Add Google Play Console Account.

3. Choose one or several apps for which you want to set up the integration.

4. Open your Google Play Console.

5. Go to Settings → Developer account → API access.

6. Click on the button “Create new OAuth client”.

To create a new OAuth Client:

- Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console.

- Click “Create credentials” and select “OAuth Client ID” from the list.

  • Select the “Desktop app” (or "Web application") application type and fill in the name. Use any name you will understand (the name should be clear to you e.g. "ASOMobile My App").

  • Click “Create”.

Note. If you have a G-Suite account, you'll be requested to configure consent screen before creating an OAuth Client ID.

If you don't have a G-Suite account, skip this point.

  • Choose "External"

After that, you should fill all necessary fields:

  • App Name (e. g. ASOMobile Google Play Console Integration)

  • User support email (You can write an email here that you have access to, nobody can see it)

  • Email address in the "Developer contact information" section - Enter the same email as in the previous field.

Сlick "Save and continue".

7. Now you see “Your Client ID” and “Your Client Secret”.

8. Copy “Client ID” and “Client Secret” from Console and fill in the same fields in ASOMobile.

Click “Next” in ASOMobile.

9. Сlick on the “Click to get the link”.

You will see "Error" - that's ok. All you need is the URL in your browser's address bar.

10. Copy the link in your browser's address bar (it is important to copy the link completely).

11. Paste the link in the input field "Paste the link" into ASOMobile.

12. Click to button “Add Google Play Console Account. The status will change on Authorized”.

Note! If the integration is not completed within 2 minutes, you need to reacquire the client code and try again.

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