Category History

Tracking the dynamics of changes in app positions in the ranking of Google Play and App Store categories

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Category History

A handy tool for tracking and analyzing app ranking on Google Play or App Store categories in any country for any time period.

How can the Category History section help you?

Track the dynamics of changes in ranking in a category for your app and those of competitors. Analyze which events affected the increase or decrease in the ranking.

Detailed overview of features and data in the Category History section

Select the Category History tool from the menu.

Select one or more countries, type: free/grossing, period and competitor apps (from those that were added earlier) to display on the graph.

Below the main chart, you will see a chart where you can select any other date range quickly.

Below, all the necessary information is provided in text form with the date of the last update.

Use the Category History section to track ranking in categories. Analyze what events could affect the growth and fall of positions with ASOMobile 💙

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