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Detailed analysis of Google Play and App Store.

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A tool for a complete analysis of Google Play and App Store mobile app stores and choosing the most profitable niche.

How can the Store Insights section help you?

In this section, you will receive detailed data on the current state of the mobile apps market, which will allow you to determine the most promising and profitable market to create an application.

A detailed overview of features and data in the Store Insights section

In the menu, select the Market Intelligence section, the Store Insights subsection. Select a country and get the following details:

1. The total number of applications on Google Play and the App Store including a display of the percentage of games and apps, as well as paid and free apps (data is updated once a day);

2. The total number of new apps in the store with dynamics over the last 3 months;

3. Data on the total number of downloads and total revenue in stores with dynamics for the last 3 months;

4. Top 10 categories, Top 50 apps and games (for the current week, month, as well as for the last 3 months);

5. Top 100 apps, top 100 games;

6. Top 100 new apps and games.

Analyze the data to choose the most profitable niche with ASOMobile 💙

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