In-App Keywords

Find out all the search queries by which your In-App purchases are indexed, as well as the In-App purchases of competitors.

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How can In-App Keywords help you?

With the In-App Keywords tool, you can easily perform a complete analysis of the indexed keywords of your In-App purchases or In-App purchases of a competitor. You can also evaluate search queries due to accurate data on the potential traffic volume, complexity, and effectiveness for each query.

You can also check the relevance of a query due to quick access to the App Store search results.

Detailed overview of functions and data in In-App Keywords.

In the menu, select the In-App section, the In-App Keywords tool.

The tool is only available for apps on the App Store.

You will only be able to see In-App purchases if they are in the selected country and search engine promotion is enabled in App Store Connect.

Select Country, iPhone / iPad, In-App Purchase.

You will see a list of keywords by which your selected In-App purchase is indexed (i.e. users can find it on the App Store). The data is updated every 48 hours, for more accurate information, add a keyword to In-App Monitor.

In the list next to each keyword, you can see the required data.

* Traffic is the number of users who enter this search query into the market search bar (per day). This is your potential traffic, provided that the application is in the top position for this search query.

* Complexity (CI) is an index of the search query competitiveness. You will be able to assess how high the competition among applications for a given search query is. This metric will allow you to understand how many resources you will need to succeed with this request. Difficulty scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is the least competitive request and 10 is the most competitive one.

* Efficiency (KEI) is an index of efficiency for a search query. This index will help you choose keys for work, by which you can get the most traffic with the least competition among applications.

- very high means the highest request efficiency for your app

- high

- middle

- neutral

- low means the effectiveness is minimal, with the maximum cost of promotion, you get the minimum number of installs.

* Search Ads is the popularity of a search query in Apple Search Ads. Values range from 5 (unpopular) to 100 (very popular).

*Rank is the application positions for each query with the dynamic changing for the last twenty-four hours and the date of updating the key information.

- green background of the rank value - the application is at the top of the keyword (1,2,3 place)

- red background of the rank value - the system has not updated the application data for more than 60 hours. Add a keyword to Keyword Monitor for more up-to-date data.

* Date is the date of the last update for this key request. It is in this section that you can always get up-to-date information on any key by simply clicking the update icon (a round arrow in the key line).

* Side toolbar:

Lightbulb means Keyword suggestions.

Magnifier is a detailed study of information about a search query in the Keywords Check.

"+" is adding the keyword of the In-App Monitor and Keyword Monitor.

Additional tools for your convenience:

By clicking on the filter icon, you can filter your search queries by the word you are interested in, traffic, CI, KEI, Search Ads, and position.

To close the filter, click on the "Filters" icon or on the cross in the line with filters.

Use sorting to get the data you want quickly.

Download Xls file is the ability to get data in the form of an Excel table.

Copy to clipboard is the ability to copy all search queries to the clipboard.

Click on the translation switcher to translate all keywords.

Click on the hide switcher to hide all keywords that have been added to In-App Monitor and Keyword Monitor. This is convenient for new keywords search.

Click on the icon to the left of a keyword to quickly see the search results for this keyword on the App Store and check the relevance of the request.

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