How can Top Charts help you?

Analyze the best apps in the market as a whole or in specific categories to keep abreast of the main trends in the mobile app market.

Detailed overview of features and data in the Top Charts section

In the menu, select the Market Intelligence section, the Top Charts subsection.

Select the market, device, country, and category if necessary.

You can view free, paid, and grossing apps in any selected category.

You can choose to display TOP 20 - TOP 200 apps, get the data and save it in PDF format.

Top Charts section data

  • Apps (full name of the application and the name of the developer), which occupy the top positions on the selected market, the country for the device you specified, and the date. By clicking on the name, you can see the app on the store.

  • Graph showing the dynamics of changes in the position of the app.

  • "+' - the ability to add an app to a profile.

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