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How can Keyword Report help you?

A tool with a help of which you can effectively and quickly track changes in the positions of key queries that were added to Keyword Monitor.

Detailed overview of functions and data in Keyword Report

1. At the top of the screen, select your country and period;

2. In the "max position" box, indicate the position in the search results, below which you do not want to see the data;

Example: The maximum position is 500, the report will be generated from all queries (added to Keyword Monitor), the position of which is higher than 500: place from 1 to 500 in the search results of the store;

Rank up or Rank down and fall of positions is a list of search queries that have grown or lost positions in search queries for the period you have selected;

New rank is keywords which the application was first suggested in the search results of the store for the selected period;

Lost rank is keywords in which the application has completely lost its position in the search results (dropped out of indexing).

Lifehack: use sorting and filters to optimize your work.

  • keyword search filter

  • sorting by traffic, position, position change dynamics, date

Use Keyword Report to get a report on keywords quickly and respond to market changes in a timely manner!

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