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A tool to help you observe the dynamics of downloads for any application.

How can the Downloads section help you?

Estimate downloads and revenue for applications of interest, determine your own strategy for achieving financial success in your chosen niche.

A closer look at functions and data in the Downloads section

In the menu, select the Market Intelligence section, the Downloads subsection. This section looks like this:

At the top of the page, select the application you are interested in, the time period and information (application downloads/revenue)

At the top right of the page, you see a summary of the current month and the three previous ones.

Below you can see information about the application for the last month or week (you must select) in the form of a graph and table.

The graph displays the countries that you have selected in the table below and are marked with a tick.

Below the main chart, you will see a chart where you can quickly select any other date range.

The table displays the following information:

1. Country

2. Per period is the number of app installs for the selected period (week/ month)

3. % of the world is the percentage of the total application downloads is occupied by this GEO

4. Overview is a mini graph for quick access to dynamics

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